Source Naturals Melatonin Review – Sleep Aid

My Personal Review Of Source Naturals Melatonin

I recently wrote an article about how to get better sleep naturally. Among my favorite sleep aid supplements is melatonin. It’s natural, effective, and cheap. I’ll be reviewing the Source Naturals melatonin brand. This is the brand that I personally use. I don’t use it everyday though.

Product: Source Naturals Melatonin, 2.5mg, Peppermint
Price: 14.49
Best Place To Buy(Cheapest):
Amount In Container: 240 tablets.
How Long A Container Will Last: 240 days(if 1 tablet taken everyday. I don’t recommend this though. It’s better to use as needed.)
My Rating: 4.25/5.0

Why I take this occasionally

Every so often I’ll have one of those nights where I can’t fall asleep. I’m sure you’ve experienced the same thing. You roll around in bed a few times, trying to get comfortable. Minutes go by, and eventually hours. This was especially common when I would experience anxiety.

I would be unable to fall asleep on nights when I NEEDED my energy the next day. It was extremely frustrating. I found the frustration made it even harder fall asleep. This created an endless cycle.

After a bit of research, I came across melatonin supplements. I was looking forward to trying it and bought some.

My Experience with Source Naturals Melatonin

When taking melatonin I find that falling asleep isn’t difficult. Once in a while I may feel drowsiness the following morning. This usually goes away after a couple hours. This generally happens if take slightly higher doses(2 tablets). For me at least, it seems to last most of the night on 1 tablet. However, I find that occasionally I’m wide awake about an hour before I normally would be. Although it doesn’t cause tiredness the next day.

This leads me to believe that the melatonin probably helped with my sleep quality too. Sleeping an hour less, but feeling just as restful is a positive in my book. I take it a couple times a week for those occasional sleepless nights. I plan on continuing use as I’ve found it’s cheap, natural, and effective.

The Pros, Cons of Melatonin Supplementation

Theres a reason I’m slightly wary of taking melatonin everyday. Because melatonin is naturally produced in the brain, I worry my natural production of it might be affected. After doing research I found that this isn’t the case. A few cons of melatonin supplementation would be:

  • Occasional grogginess for a few hours after waking
  • Bad to use in day time(It tells your body’s internal clock that it’s nighttime.)
  • Can cause vivid dreams(Some people don’t like it)
  • It costs money.

Melatonin is reported as being safe for short and long term use. Certainly safer than some prescription sleep medications, and not physically addicting. If I gathered a list of pros they would be:

  • Falling asleep is easier
  • Can potentially treat seasonal depression
  • Deeper sleep
  • Supposedly has anti-cancer effects
  • Cheap.

I find that the pros generally outweigh the cons. Melatonin is a pretty effective sleep aid and doesn’t have noticeable side effects. On those nights when sleep is a problem, I’m glad to have melatonin on hand.

Good sleep is essential for getting in shape and keeping healthy. One sleepless night can lead to more and pretty soon you are in serious sleep debt. In my opinion it’s better to have something to get through those insomnia periods. Melatonin does that┬ájob pretty well.

 Best Place To Get It

Source Naturals Melatonin Brand. It's cheap and effective.Melatonin is commonly sold in grocery and supplement stores. It’s also sold online. My favorite online carrier is amazon. It’s more convenient, reliable, and cheap. There’s also a large amount of reviewers on amazon. Even if I’m going to buy a product in the store I’ll look up amazon reviews first.

I think that everyone should have some melatonin in their arsenal of supplements. You never know when you’ll have one of those roll-around-for-hours nights. You’ll have the power of getting good sleep when you need it.

Give it a go and see if it works for you. Click Here.

What I’ll conclude

I believe melatonin is a solid supplement for anyone looking to get better sleep. Not something I’d take every day, but as needed. If you are in desperate need of an every day sleep aid, it’s shown to be safe. I personally don’t get every day insomnia so that’s why I reserve it for the troublesome nights.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review. If you have an idea for what I should review next, shoot me a comment or email. I’d be glad to oblige. Feel free to also comment or email questions. Thanks for reading and good luck with your fitness goals!

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