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My Personal Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Review

In my last article, I mentioned the importance of essential minerals in preventing leg cramps. Among these minerals, magnesium is one that a lot of people tend to be deficient in. I also promised a review of my personal favorite magnesium supplement, the one I use everyday that put an end to my leg cramps(in addition to exercise). It’s called Pure Encapsulations Magnesium. So without further ado, let the review commence:

Product: Pure Encapsulations Magnesium – Glycinate – 180 capsules
Price: $31.30
Best Place To Buy(where I bought mine): Amazon.com
Amount In Container:
180 capsules
How Long A Container Will Last:
Taking the RDA for men would last you 45 days, for women, 60 days. Given a good diet, this level of dosing may not be necessary though.
My Rating:

Why I started taking this

I originally suffered from leg cramps on an almost nightly to nightly basis. It usually occurred in the very early hours of the morning for me. I’d be off asleep dreaming I was on some nice beach somewhere, and then out of nowhere it felt like someone was ripping my calf apart. I would struggle to get out of my bed to stretch my calf, which got rid of the cramp. However, I would have an ache in my calf that lasted the rest of the day.

I couldn’t figure out what was causing this, so I did a bit of research. Apparently the main causes were lack of blood flow, dehydration, and mineral imbalances. Exercise was something I did pretty much on a daily basis, so I ruled that out. I drank a gallon of water a day, so I ruled out dehydration. I also ate bananas on a daily basis and salted my foods, so that ruled out potassium and sodium deficiencies. The last mineral left? Magnesium.

My personal experience with Pure Encapsulations Magnesium

I went to amazon and looked for the top rated brand, like I do with most of my supplements. I came across Pure Encapsulations Magnesium and read the reviews. Many people claimed that it completely removed their leg cramps. That was my “Ah hah!” moment. I then ordered a container and waited. It arrived in a couple days and I immediately opened it and took two capsules.

Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Review

I opened up the bottle and took two capsules.

The initial effects I noticed were a general feeling of calmness. This was delightful as I always struggled with anxiety. Also noticeable was how relaxed my body felt, especially my muscles. I took a couple more before bed and didn’t struggle falling asleep as I normally do. Also strange was that I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed, and I didn’t experience any leg cramps! I chalked it off to placebo or coincidence and kept taking it.

Nights went by and I no longer woke up with leg cramps. If I did, it was very infrequently and the intensity was completely lessened. I was ecstatic! My body felt better, I no longer got random muscle aches. I had less anxiety, and I noticed my body lost a bit of fat in the process. Whether this was a direct effect of magnesium, or less stress due to the magnesium leading to less cortisol, I didn’t care. I felt much better and still do.

The pros, cons and benefits of magnesium supplementation

Someone may ask, why supplement? Why not just eat more of foods with lots of magnesium? Well, I do eat foods that are supposedly high in magnesium. On a daily basis I eat a well balanced diet but even then that didn’t cut it for me. The RDA for magnesium in men is 410-420 mg per day and 310-320 mg per day for women. These numbers are even higher for people who exercise. I was still getting leg cramps despite my diet.

The general pros for magnesium supplementation include:

  • Improved sleep
  • Assist in fat loss(directly or indirectly)
  • Helps ease anxiety and improve relaxation
  • Gets rid of leg cramps
  • Improved overall mineral balance
  • Strengthens bones, joints, and heart

and many more. Magnesium is one of the most(if not most) important mineral in your body. A lack of magnesium can cause your body to not absorb many other vital vitamins and minerals. The only real cons to this supplementation would be:

  • Price(who wants to spend money?)
  • Can cause slight stomach discomfort in some people(I didn’t experience any)
  • Remembering to take them can get annoying sometimes.

Though I’m sure many of us can empathize with the first and last cons, at the same time though, these are far from deal breakers. The benefits of actually getting good sleep, at least for me, outweigh the cons of paying 30 bucks every month and a half. Not to mention the fact that when a leg cramp would happen, I would easily trade in at least that just to make the pain stop.

Our bodies don’t like to be deficient in minerals and will spell out clear signs which let us know(hopefully) to correct this.

Where do I get it?

As I mentioned above, I usually buy most of my supplements on Amazon, as I love the free two day shipping. In this case I usually picked one day shipping because I didn’t feel like spending another night potentially in pain.

Thanks to Magnesium Supplementation, I am glad to finally be free of leg cramps. I can’t remember the last time I had one and I’m glad of that fact. It’s common for many people to be deficient in magnesium, and I had no idea until I tried supplementation. After trying everything I felt that leg cramps were going to something I’d have to get used to. I was willing to try anything at that point. My Pure Encapsulations review is concluded. It rocks!

Magnesium is my number one supplement at this point. I’d encourage you to give magnesium a shot and see if it works for you. At the worst, you’ll feel much better overall and sleep better. Being that magnesium is the body’s natural muscle relaxer, it should help regardless.

This is a supplement I won’t ever go without

That concludes my opinion and review of Pure Encapsulations Magnesium. I hope this has been informative and that you will consider trying magnesium as well. It worked for my leg cramps, helped my anxiety, and I’m overall very happy with it. I can’t see myself ever stopping supplementation as it’s been very worth it, despite the couple cons.

If you suffer with leg cramps like I did, don’t hesitate to do what it takes to diminish them. No one should have to wake up in the middle of the night, tormented by the horrendous feeling that many of us experience or have experienced. Get your magnesium supplement today!

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment or bookmark my site. I will be adding more product reviews in the future and don’t hesitate to send me some review ideas for other products. I hope you have found what you need. Stay in shape!

James – www.inshapeinweeks.com – james@inshapeinweeks.com

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