The importance of proper nutrition…

Nutrition is probably the most overlooked aspect of getting into shape. Most people tend to focus way too much on working out and not nearly enough time is spent dialing in their diet. It’s commonly heard among the fitness community that if you don’t have your diet in check, any exercise you do is a waste of time. This is quite true.

Back in my early days of fitness I made the mistake of thinking that if I spent an hour in the gym a day combined with lots of cardio and a sad excuse for a diet that I’d get buff and in shape in no time. WRONG! I made squat, I looked the same after years and finally after doing research I figured out why.

What happens in the kitchen reflects in the mirror..

There’s a common misconception by people in many different parts in the fitness community asserting that it doesn’t matter what you eat but how much you eat. This is essentially calories in, calories out. While there is some truth to this, from my personal experience it’s a mixture of both.

You could eat the best quality of food but if you eat too much it can pack on the unwanted fat. Conversely, you could eat a moderate amount of terrible food yet still not get any closer to the body you want.

One often overlooked nutritional aspect..

A far more influential factor in diet is called the glycemic index. This is a measurement of food’s effect on blood sugar levels on a scale of 1-100. 1 being the least affecting and 100 being the most. ┬áThe sugar from foods with a high glycemic index will enter your bloodstream at a faster rate, therefore saturating your blood with more sugar.

Two Cupcakes

Cupcakes are high on the glycemic index.

When your body has this excess of sugar it can’t use it all at once so what isn’t used is stored as fat. Low glycemic foods on the other hand, will enter your bloodstream at a slower and smoother rate which gives your body time to utilize those sugars rather than storing them as fat.

Two Apples

Apples are low on the glycemic index.

With that said..

A proper diet would involve eating mostly foods on the lower glycemic spectrum whilst watching how many calories you take in. In a lot of cases simply changing to this sort of diet even without exercise can net some pretty nice results. You can typically expect some decent body recomposition(burning fat and building muscle) with this alone. If you feel setting up a diet from scratch is overwhelming, I’d recommend taking a look at Super Nutrition Academy. You’ll be guided ground up towards building the best plan for you.

However, I recommend at least trying to put your own plan together based on the principles I mentioned.

Lastly, don’t assume that you have to count calories. The biggest question I get with weight loss is always, “Do I have to count calories?” While it’s probably true that if you want to be more lenient on the foods you eat then yes, you should count calories. At the same time though, if you monitor the glycemic index of your foods and don’t starve yourself or overstuff yourself, then you should be fine.

In summary..
  • Eating right is the most important factor in getting into shape
  • It matters both how much you eat AND what you eat
  • If you focus less on what foods, then be more strict on how much
  • The glycemic index is probably the biggest factor in determining food quality
  • Don’t be afraid to cheat now and again but at least 90% of your nutrition per week should be good, healthy glycemic foods
My final thoughts to you..

Changing your entire diet and focusing on eating certain foods may sound overwhelming right now, but I promise you that when you get started it will eventually become habit. It will be like any other thing, you just do it and it sticks. You’ll notice that you can get in shape in weeks if you were to apply what you’ve learned here.

It’s worked for me and a lot of other people who follow these same diet principles. Feel free to browse my site as there is a lot more information on exercise and diet plans which should make your transformation even easier. Good luck with your goal of getting in shape and improving your body but most importantly,┬ádon’t give up!


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  1. Hi love all the info I need to read things like this every day I’m the pits when it comes to food ill eat really good & feel great have loads of energy ( you really do reap all the benefits when eating healthy) & then ill go and undo everything in a week!! I’m thinking xmas is upon us soon so have to be good you have to set goals.Thanks for advice and info ill be back!

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