How To Increase Pull Up Strength – Fast

Are You Wondering How To Increase Pull Up Strength?

Do you want to find out how to increase pull up strength quickly and effectively? No matter how difficult it seems, you CAN gain tons of strength in your pull ups. All it takes is working on two things.

The quickest way to increase pull up strength would be to lose weight. The less quick but longer term way is to build muscle. There is no reason that you can’t do both at the same time though. This will maximize your progress. The amount of pull ups that seemed impossible before, will merely become your warm up.

Get stronger at pull ups quickly by losing weight

The fastest way for a beginner to increase pull up ability is to lose weight. This rings true not just for the beginner though. Anyone carrying extra pounds could greatly increase their pull up strength by dropping some.

The less your body weighs, the easier the pull up. It’s important to keep in mind that not all kind of weight should be lost. You gotta keep the muscle. Losing fat should be the bigger focus for this endeavor.

How does one lose fat? For those who don’t already know, diet is key. Make sure you eat plenty of veggies and avoid high glycemic foods. For more info on that check out my nutrition page.

Here's how to increase pull up strength by diet. Get plenty of protein and healthy carbohydrates.

Get plenty of protein and healthy carbohydrates.

Avoid white carbs like white bread, white rice, and regular potatoes. You can substitute these with whole wheat bread, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. These are just a few examples. You shouldn’t need to count calories if you eat plenty of veggies and healthy carbs.

In order to effectively lose fat without getting weaker, have lots of protein. Protein is the building block for muscle. Muscle burns fat to sustain itself. As a result, eating protein helps you burn fat and build muscle. For max results aim for 1 gram protein per pound of body weight. I personally go for even more than that, but for most it should be enough.

Do you want to accelerate your gains in pull ups strength? Do some intensive cardio! You may be thinking, “how would cardio do anything for pull up strength??” Well, indirectly it does. Good cardio does two things for pull ups. These are:

  • Increased blood flow.
  • Increased metabolism.

The increase in blood flow means faster recovery from workouts. This helps you get stronger quicker. Increasing the metabolism causes quicker fat burning. As we know, less fat means less weight to pull.

Building up your pull up muscles

The more long term way of increasing pull up strength is building solid muscle. Muscle growth is a slow process. This is why it’s quicker to drop the unneeded weight first.

When building muscle it’s important to have a solid routine. This will allow you to progress at a steady pace.

Curious of how to increase pull up strength? Practice and practice some more.

You get better at pull ups by doing them. Practice often.

What if you can’t do a even 1 pull up? In this case I’d recommend starting off with static holds. This is where you use a chair to get to the top of a pull up. Grab on to the bar and hold yourself in that position for as long as you can. Work your way up to 30 seconds. At that point you will probably be able to do a pull up. Work at it every day.

So, you’re at a point where you can do a couple pull ups or maybe more. A solid routine that you can build from would look like:

*Monday – Wednesday – Friday – Pull ups 3 sets of 8 – and when you can’t do more, do the static holds I mentioned earlier for the remainder of your set.

Seems simple right? That’s the point. Your muscles don’t need some super crazy complex routine to get stronger at pull ups. You would of course add exercises for other body parts in that plan. Check out my workout post for more info on that. My current back workout looks like this and It’s brought me excellent progress:

*Monday – 2 sets of 8 Chin ups – 2 sets Heavy Dumbbell Rows 15 reps
*Friday – 2 sets of 5 wide grip pull ups – Barbell Rows 12 reps

This is a simple snippet though. My workout includes exercises for all my muscles. You might have noticed that I don’t personally work out my back 3 times a week. I recommended that in the other plan because beginners recover faster. It takes me a bit longer to recover so I do pull ups less often.

The biggest determining factor for me personally

In figuring out how to increase pull up strength, I’ve found that if I don’t eat enough good quality food then I don’t get stronger. Period. It may seem counter intuitive, but as you get more advanced your muscles burn more fat. I personally don’t do “cuts” to burn fat off specifically. It usually happens when I eat the right foods and get stronger.

This of course doesn’t work the same if you eat terrible foods. The foods that I eat are based on high protein and low glycemic carbs. Check out my nutrition for more info on foods like that. I also find that the more I spread my food out, the stronger I get. I also seem to lose even more fat this way. This is what works for me personally.

Here’s the verdict

We’ve covered and shown how to increase pull up strength. In doing so, we established that:

  • Losing weight will increase pull up ability.
  • Good cardio can indirectly help pull up strength.
  • Simple is sometimes best when creating a pull up plan.
  • Eating good low glycemic, high protein foods are vital to strength.

All in all you should eat right and push yourself in the gym. It doesn’t matter as much what pull up workout you follow. What’s important is that you are advancing in strength bit by bit with each workout. If you notice that you plateau, try adding more GOOD food to your diet. In my experience this usually does the trick.

Remember to keep hydrated and sleep well. The strength and muscle building happens when you sleep after all! Good luck and stick through your plan week by week. You’ll find that eventually what used to be really hard eventually becomes your warm up. There will be no greater feeling, so make sure you push through!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to bookmark, comment, and email. If you have any questions about fitness, let me know! I’ll be glad to hear from and get back to you.

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