How To Burn Calories At Home – Quickly

How to burn calories at home without equipment

Whether you’re trying to lose fat, build muscle, or just get in shape, you’re going to be burning calories. You don’t need to drive miles to an expensive gym in order to walk in place on a treadmill when you get there. I’ll tell you how to burn calories at home without all that fancy gym equipment.

I'll show you just how to burn calories at home.

No gym? No Problem!

The reality is, everything you do that is physical burns calories. Whether it’s cleaning the house, gardening, or being on your feet in general. Given this, it’s not too difficult to find activity that would burn calories and still be fun at the same time. There are some forms of activity that are more efficient and quicker than others however.

I assume you would like to save time and get the maximum benefit for the least amount of time(don’t we all?). The quickest way to burn calories would involve any exercise that uses your leg muscles. These are the largest muscles in your body, therefore demanding more calories and thus burning more when used.

Sprinting for fat loss and maximum muscle activation

By far the most efficient exercise for burning calories is sprinting. You can do it down the street, on a sidewalk, or even at your nearest park. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it outside in broad daylight(I do it all the time), then try doing it at night when no one’s out. The streets and sidewalks will be empty allowing maximum privacy and space.

How to burn calories at home? Sprint!

Sprinting at night is perfectly acceptable.

The reason why I recommend sprinting first and foremost is that it not only burns calories due to the activity, but it also works your muscles intensely. When your muscles are worked this way, they will need more calories to become better and stronger. These calories come from the one thing we want less of(Fat!). The saying “muscle burns fat” is very true. I as well as many people I’ve trained have experienced this first hand. Sprinting has a way of melting the extra fat off, revealing the toned and defined body underneath.

Sprinting also increases the muscle building and fat burning hormones in your body which make up for an even greater effect. All these factors combined make sprinting an overall fantastic exercise and I guarantee you won’t get bored. If by any chance that happens, try listening to motivating music that you like while doing it. It makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

While sprinting by itself has amazing benefits, the effects are multiplied when you combine this with a lighter form of cardio. What’s this lighter form of cardio you ask?

The importance of power walking..

Power walking would be considered a lighter form of cardio that is easier on your joints. All too often people go straight from sedentary to sprinting without conditioning their joints through walking first. This is a big no no. Your body needs time to adapt to exercise and walking is the perfect form of exercise to start out with.

When I mention injuries, I’m not talking about tripping and falling over your shoe laces. The injuries I talk about are less noticeable and can creep up on you. Such injuries include shin splints, knee pain, hip pain, or other lower body aches. At first one might notice a dull ache in their shins that gradually increases in intensity. This pain can reach a point where it’s too excruciating to even stand up. So definitely start off slowly.

Are you wondering how to burn calories at home? Get your heart in the cardio zone.

Place your index and middle finger on your neck to easily track your heart rate.

While you walk, it’s important to track your heart rate. For maximum benefits to the heart and for burning steady calories, try to get your heart rate to at least 80. To track this, put your index and middle fingers up to your neck right under your jaw, press and you’ll notice a pulse. Use a timer and count how many times this pulses in a period of 15 seconds. Multiply the number of beats by 4 and that’s your current heart rate.

If walking itself seems boring, you can listen to music, play an audiobook, meditate(my favorite), and any other thing a pair of headphones and a listening device can do. Aside of burning calories, walking can fix a cloudy mood and increase energy!

Jogging and other activities..

Jogging is a great way to burn calories and increase metabolism. The only reason why I didn’t mention jogging first, is because it does take a toll on the joints. This is especially true when jogging on sidewalks or the street where the repeated impact of your body on the hard surfaces can cause accumulated(builds up over time) injury. Make sure to wear well supporting shoes while jogging. Also land your feet toe first rather than heel first as this will help transfer the impact to your muscles, rather than your hip and pelvis bones.

When asked how to burn calories at home, I'll recommend cycling but be careful.

When cycling, always wear a helmet and avoid riding in the street if possible.

Cycling is probably one of the easiest forms of exercise on the joints and I’d highly recommend it. It also has its dangers however. It’s not uncommon to hear about fatal bicycle accidents, hit and runs, and other horror stories surrounding this activity. One must be cautious and always wear a helmet. Some places have great bike paths that can make traffic related accidents a non issue. Although, in really populated places with little emphasis on bike traffic, I would recommend choosing some other form of exercise.

Putting it all together

As you can see, there are plenty of alternative ways of exercising that don’t require fancy gym equipment. There tends to be much more of a adventurous/realistic feeling when running or walking actually takes you somewhere. Which is contrary to cycling, jogging, or walking in place on some treadmill or bike machine in a 75 degree gym. You can make the same results, if not better by exercising outdoors.

This nature of exercise outdoors does require certain carefulness and protective measures. On a treadmill, a lot of the impact of running or jogging is absorbed through the shock absorber on the device whereas raw pavement provides no such cushioning. This is why you need to start off slowly and work your way up to allow your bones and joints to adapt, which prevents injury. Finally, if cycling outside always wear a helmet.

Now that you know how to burn calories at home safety, just remember that for burning fat or building muscle, diet needs to be focused on as well for best results. You can learn a lot more about diet from some of my other articles or by visiting my Nutrition page.

Good luck, stay safe, and feel free to comment or bookmark this site. You can also send me an email and I’ll be happy to reply.

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