The Fastest Way To Lose Body Fat

Don’t be fooled by so called Gurus

Often times a person may or not care about general physical shape, but rather will have a more specific goal. Figuring out the fastest way to lose body fat. Outward appearance can have quite an effect on someone’s psyche and lots of people feel that if they were to lose those few inches off their waste that everything will seem better.

This is simply not the case. Don’t allow yourself to be mislead by gurus cashing in on your self esteem by selling you some expensive product claiming it’s the fastest way to lose body fat and that it will suddenly make life better. It won’t happen.

The saying, “happiness comes from within” is very true. I know from personal experience that getting ripped abs isn’t going to really change anything. In fact it’s possible to become self conscious of your body even when It’s at its best. Our minds always seek improvement and as humans we can be quite the perfectionists.

Now to the fastest way to lose body fat..

Anyone can get their dream body with the right dedication to diet, exercise, and sleep!

Now with that out of the way. As I’ve said before in my last article “Here Is How To Get In Shape Fast“, losing fat pretty quickly is a much more attainable goal than trying to pack on the muscle fast. With both fat loss and muscle gain you’re tearing something down with¬†strenuous exercise, but with muscle it needs to build up and become stronger afterwards.

This makes building muscle a two step process, the break down and the build up. Conversely fat loss is just one step; the break down of fat into energy. The fastest way to lose body fat requires a few important things to be in check. I call them the big 3:

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Exercise

If any of the big 3 aren’t given the proper attention they need, then you can forget about trying to find the fastest way to lose body fat. Because that is the fastest way and I’ll tell you why.

Don’t starve yourself to lose weight, it doesn’t work

A common term that I haven’t heard in a while, but nonetheless is very important to keep in mind on your road to fat loss is “starvation mode.” This happens when you haven’t eaten in a long enough time. So your body decides, “Wow, I haven’t eaten a while.. what if I don’t get any food soon? I better store some fat just in case.” You want to avoid this result at all costs.

Don't skip breakfast.

Don’t skip breakfast.

It’s a common misconception that you need to starve yourself to lose weight. This will actually make your body GAIN weight to compensate. Avoid that at all costs. Instead, I’d recommend eating HEALTHY foods. Eat when you are hungry, eat slowly, and stop eating when you are no longer hungry. It’s as simple as that. For what constitutes healthy foods, check out my article on Nutrition.

Lack of good sleep and fat gain go hand in hand

When making a plan geared towards the fastest way to lose body fat, good sleep has to be mentioned. If you feel like crap throughout the day, then lack of good sleep is typically a major factor. A few tips I would recommend for top notch sleep are:

  • Don’t use an alarm clock except for absolute emergencies
  • Be in bed before 12 am at the latest
  • Try and keep your house dim at night to encourage melatonin production
  • Listen to your body – if you feel tired, go to bed
  • Aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep unless you feel great on less

    Alarm and Brain

    Alarm clocks wreak havoc on our bodies’ natural sleep and wake cycles.

You’ll notice that I say don’t use alarm clocks. Reason being that your body is typically conditioned to wake up when it doesn’t need any more sleep. Your body could be in the middle of a major restorative process during sleep, when out of nowhere “BEEP BEEP!!” This interruption can often cause you to wake up feeling groggy and crappy in general.

Bad sleep can affect mood, motivation, drive, metabolism, and well being. All of which are heavily responsible for burning body fat and acquiring your dream body. Top quality sleep is essential when one wants to figure out the fastest way to lose body fat.

Without even knowing it, you may be in what’s called a sleep debt. This happens when you get less sleep than you need for nights in a row. The negative effects pile up until eventually you feel lethargic, weak, depressed, and gain weight. Make sure you take the necessary steps mentioned in the bullets above to avoid this problem.

Exercise is the catalyst of fat burning

There are plenty of days when I just don’t feel like exercising. I either feel too busy, too tired, too depressed, or any other emotion that makes me cringe at the thought of sweating. I’m guessing this is probably a familiar scenario to you as well. Don’t feel bad as these are ordinary inhibitions that even the most experienced athlete can experience.

The truth is when we feel bad we don’t want to do anything. Exercise just happens to be the forefront of our mind. The problem is that your brain is fooling itself. What it may or may not realize, is that exercise may be all you need to add that extra spring in your step. Getting up and breaking a sweat will actually diminish¬†those feelings of sluggishness.

Exercise gets the heart pumping and the fat burning.

Exercise gets the heart pumping and the fat burning.

This is why I advise people to push through this anyway as it soon subsides within the early minutes of your workout. Sometimes all we need is a nice fast pace jog or walk to get our spirits up and our stress down. For an idea of what type of exercise should be done check out my workouts section on my site.

But as far as losing fat goes, all exercise you really need to incorporate as a beginner is:

  • 45 minutes of cardio on non lifting days
  • Some basic exercises such as squats, bench press, dead lifts, and pull ups
  • Ab exercises like crunches are optional
  • Make sure you stretch to avoid injury

As you can see, you don’t need any complex routine and sometimes simple is better. Always practice proper form though.

Putting the “puzzle” togetherFat loss puzzle

Don’t let the gurus try and sell you the “fastest way to lose body fat!” under the guise of increased happiness and self esteem. It’s just not worth it. As you can see the so called “fastest way to lose body fat” isn’t complex at all and is very attainable without buying some well advertised product. The truth is there is no secret “way.” Like all things it comes with time and dedication to the major factors of weight loss. Just to recap those:

  1. Make sure to eat healthy and don’t starve yourself or eat way too much
  2. Bad sleep can affect both your weight loss speed and mood/motivation
  3. Exercise along with being the match on the gasoline of fat burning, is also one of the best anti-depressants
  4. Keep your exercise routine simple, and feel free to change things around as you desire.
  5. Have fun on the journey!

Don’t fret about all the details of what it takes to lose weight. You don’t need to stress over every calorie or exercise you decide to do. I hope I’ve answered your question and now you see there is no magical “fastest way to lose body fat.” Just keep it simple and fun. Most of all keep optimistic as positive energy will be a major factor in whether you stick through the muddy times and make it to your goal, or give up and forever wonder what could have been.

A month of time in your life will pass whether you want it to or not, your progress in that period towards your goals however, depends solely on you. Good luck, and feel free to browse my site if you want to learn more.

James –

4 thoughts on “The Fastest Way To Lose Body Fat

  1. I really enjoyed the article, you did a great job outlining the subject. And I like how you diverted people from paying ridiculous amounts of money to so called gurus.
    You bring peace to my mind in that alone even!


    • I think the basics for getting in shape don’t require spending lots of money on equipment or fancy workout plans. To start out you just need your body and the ability to move around. You can be healthy by starting off with just push ups and running.

  2. I totally agree with you not to skip breakfast. A lot of my friend skip breakfast because they are dieting. I just laugh. I will be sending them this article. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks for commenting! I know far too many people who skip breakfast that are trying to lose weight. Your body can’t run on nothing from dinner all the way to lunch the next day. This breaks down muscle and can cause fat gain.

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