Exercise is important not just for getting in shape..

Working out is another very important aspect of getting into shape. Humans over their history have had to be very active to keep alive. So much so that we evolved to be active and can get heart issues, blood clots, increased visceral fat, diabetes, depression and other nasty issues if we sit still for too long. Regular exercise can

  • balance hormones
  • improve mood
  • increase energy
  • strengthen your heart
  • improve immune function
  • increase fat loss
  • build muscle size(if anaerobic training)

These are of course not the only benefits of working out but I felt these ones were important to most people. A lot of these benefits are achieved from plain cardio but anaerobic training is very important too, especially if you are trying to increase muscle size, increase bone density, and accelerate your journey of getting into shape.

Resist the desire to skip that one day..

It’s not uncommon to see lots of google searches on, “how to lose weight without exercising.” The truth is, lots of people would prefer not to exercise if they didn’t have to. The issue is that this becomes a never ending cycle. Lack of exercise causes lack of energy, resulting in even less of a desire to exercise. That’s why it’s so easy to fall out of the habit of exercising. Because once you stop for a for a few days, the cycle of inhibition starts already.

That’s why with myself I’ve found that if I skip my workout one day, I will have even less of a desire to do it the next day. It’s for that reason that I workout on days when I don’t even desire to simply because I don’t want to fall out of the habit. The tired day will usually always pass by your next workout day if you stick through it. So the question remaining is, what type of exercise should you do to get in shape?

The best way to exercise for getting in shape fast..

The major two types of exercise to get in shape are anaerobic and aerobic exercise. aerobic exercise involves jogging, walking, and anything else that is moderate to mild intensity over a longer sustained period. Anaerobic exercise typically involves weights or bodyweight exercises. Anaerobic exercise in general could be anything as long as you can only do the exercise 1-20 times/reps or in some cases, up to 30 reps. Reps are simply how many times you can lift the weight before tiring out.


Running is solely aerobic with the exception of sprinting which is anaerobic.

A mixture of anaerobic training and aerobic training would be the best and quickest exercise approach to getting into shape, especially if you’re trying to get in shape in weeks. The muscle built from anaerobic exercise will burn the fat, while the usage of the muscles in aerobic exercise will burn more calories, thus burning even more fat. The combination of both will accelerate fat burning and will take you to your getting in shape goals faster than either exercise approach can do on their own.

Standing Military Press

Weight lifting is anaerobic training.

Pull ups

Depending on the exercise, bodyweight can be aerobic or anaerobic.

Adding it all up..
  • Exercise has many benefits in addition to getting you in shape
  • Lack of exercise can weaken the mind as well as the body
  • Despite dreading exercising that one day, do it anyway to maintain the habit
  • Aerobic exercise is cardio, and anaerobic exercise is resistance training
  • Incorporate both anaerobic and aerobic exercise for best and quickest results
What I’ll leave you with..

If the idea of jumping into a full fledged workout plan sounds overwhelming to you, start off easy. Just start off with some fast paced walking. Charles Atlas once said, “15 minutes a day! Give me just this and I’ll prove I can make you a new man.” This statement rings so true. Just set aside at least 15 minutes per day dedicated to exercising. You’ll feel so much better and given that, you’ll feel ready to take on more exercise thus reaping more results.

For lots of people exercise can be their “meditation.” By that I mean it’s the one time of day where you can forget about the problems of the world and just get lost in your workout. Sometimes for me all it takes is 30 minutes in the weight room and I turn from stressed and ready to fall apart; to calm, collected, and ready to handle what’s ahead. If you have a question feel free to leave a comment and I’ll gladly answer it. Good luck and don’t give up!


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