Best Healthy Foods For Weight Loss – Easy and Cheap

The Best Healthy Foods For Weight Loss

Are you looking for the best healthy foods for weight loss? While there is no “best” food, there are a few that I highly recommend. These are foods that have worked well for me as well as others. Some of these may be obvious, while others may surprise you.

You can substitute other foods for these, or just add them to your diet. If you do this you will notice substantial changes in your body and the way you feel. These foods are low on the glycemic index. They will provide quality complex carbohydrates for your body. You would have a hard time gaining fat with these foods.

Number 5 – Brown Rice

Brown rice is one of the best healthy foods for weight loss.

Easy on the digestion AND blood sugar.

Brown rice has been a staple in a lot of fitness circles for a long time. Rice was universally recommended before the Paleo and Ketogenic movements. This is with good reason as well. Brown rice is decently low on the glycemic index, it’s easy to make, and with some salt it can taste excellent.

A list of benefits of brown rice would be:

  • It provides a decent amount of manganese. This is a mineral that is essential for your body, and it’s kinda hard to come by.
  • There’s plenty of fiber in brown rice which aids in digestion.
  • It’s low glycemic which helps prevent blood sugar spikes(spikes lead to fat gain).
  • It includes healthy amounts of selenium. Selenium deficiency can cause hormone problems and libido problems.
  • Easy to make, especially with the boil in bag version. Takes less than 10 minutes.

There are plenty more benefits to brown rice. Try replacing your white rice meals with brown rice and take note of the difference. Chances are it will be profound. You’ll feel much better which will also show in the mirror. I have brown rice every night for dinner. I notice a less results when I don’t. Plus, brown rice is pretty darn cheap!

Number 4 – Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes are great for fat loss and all around health.

Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

I always thought it interesting that sweet potatoes had less sugar than regular potatoes. I mean they are sweeter right? It doesn’t make sense to me. Nonetheless, sweet potatoes are excellent for fat loss and shaping up. The low glycemic carbohydrates in them help keep blood sugar stable. Like rice, they’re pretty simple to cook and taste great.

A few benefits of sweet potatoes worth mentioning are:

  • They regulate blood sugar especially well due to a compound called Adiponectin.
  • Sweet potatoes contain plenty of fiber for optimal digestion.
  • Very good glycemic index when boiled or steamed.
  • It’s pretty easy to boil them. It takes about 10-12 minutes which is similar to brown rice.
  • Includes plenty of nutrients like potassium, vitamin A, and beta-carotene. Beta-carotene benefits your eyes, prevents aging, helps the heart and more.

Sweet potatoes are excellent all around. They should be a staple in anyone’s diet. They taste good but also are packed with so many goodies. Try substituting regular potatoes for sweet potatoes. You’ll live longer, have better vision, and have stable blood sugar thus losing body fat.

 Number 3 – Dark Chocolate – High Concentration Type

Who would have thought dark chocolate would be one of the best healthy foods for weight loss?

A tasty treat that helps with weight loss. It’s healthy too!

Who would have thought that eating chocolate could help you lose fat? Well it does and it works well. Dark chocolate is full of anti-oxidants, nutrients, and fiber. All these benefits together make for an all round big impact in you feel, but also what’s in the mirror. Plus, who doesn’t like the taste of chocolate?

A more extensive list of benefits for dark chocolate would include:

  • It’s on the list of foods with the highest antioxidant content.
  • Extremely wide array of nutrients and minerals. It includes plenty of magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, selenium, and the list goes on.
  • Includes plenty of fiber.
  • Improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure.
  • It lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol in the body.

There is some sugar in dark chocolate. For this reason it should be somewhat limited. I’d recommend trying to find the high dark chocolate concentration brands. Higher dark chocolate content means less effect on blood sugar. Eating dark chocolate in moderation should have tremendous health and weight loss benefits.

 Number 2 – Quinoa – All Types

Quinoa is amazing for fat loss as well as muscle gain.

Quinoa is hailed as sacred by many indigenous societies.

Among the best healthy foods for weight loss, quinoa deserves some mention. Quinoa(pronounced keen-wah) is a solid carbohydrate source which doesn’t spike the blood sugar. Unlike rice, quinoa is a “complete protein”. This means that it contains all of the amino acids necessary to make a protein. The fiber content also makes you feel full.

A few benefits of quinoa:

  • Much higher fiber content than most grains.
  • Gluten free for those who are on that sort of diet.
  • Plenty of essential minerals for the body.
  • Very high protein for a mostly carb food. The protein is “complete” with all the necessary amino acids.
  • Contains bio-flavonoids like Quercetin and Kaempferol. In animal studies these have shown to be anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.

Given all the benefits, quinoa is an excellent all-round carbohydrate source. For some it may be slightly gassy which can be easily remedied by digestive enzymes. Try adding some quinoa to your diet. I used to have quinoa as my morning carb source. This is until I noticed that my stomach didn’t like the high fiber. You may have a different results.

 Number 1 – Lentils – All Types
In the list of the best healthy foods for weight loss, quinoa wins hands down.

Lentils are simply amazing for fat loss.

Lentils easily have the lowest glycemic index of the list. Red lentils have a glycemic index of 21/100. This is perfect for diabetics and other people with blood sugar issues. It’s also a great choice for anyone looking to lose weight fast. They do taste kind of like cardboard if completely plain. It’s not an unbearable taste though. Some seasoning would do the trick.

A list of benefits for lentils would include:

  • Plenty of fiber for digestion.
  • Contains lots of folate and magnesium for improved heart health.
  • Includes lots of protein for muscles.
  • Keeps blood sugar and moods stable.
  • Decreases body fat significantly(if eaten regularly).

Lentils don’t include as many of the fancy nutrients that some of the other list items have. This is made up by the fat burning effects of lentils. The problem with lots of carb-filled foods is that they spike blood sugar which causes fat gain. This is not the case with lentils. Many will find that eating lentils regularly can melt the fat off even without exercise.

 That Concludes It

That concludes my list of the 5 best healthy foods for weight loss. Try to include all of these foods in your diet for maximum benefit. You can start by replacing foods like white rice and potatoes for their healthier alternatives. Expect to see pretty big changes in the mirror if you do it. All of the foods mentioned above are cheap and pretty easy to make.

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Until next time.

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