Get In Shape In Weeks – It’s Simple! Here’s How..

Do you want to get in shape in weeks but are tired of fake promises?

Get out and get active to get in shape in weeks.

Don’t be afraid to get out and get active. All exercise will move you closer to your goal.

If you’re reading this, it means you to want to get in shape. Getting in shape doesn’t require a complex diet or workout routine. You don’t need to do a bunch of fancy exercises to get in shape in weeks, months, days, or however long you’re willing to work at it. Nonetheless it’s commonly a topic that people complicate. It’s what allows supplement companies to sell useless products with the promise that it will give you the body you want.

This can’t be further from the truth as most of these products don’t even work. It’s a common desire to look for that quick secret. The secret that will make everything seem OK and also make your goal seem easily achievable. If you desire to get in shape in weeks, say 4 weeks, 8 weeks, or even 12 weeks if you’re a bit more patient, then realize that the only way to get there is by dedication and perseverance.

Ok, now that the elephant in the room is addressed, I’ll discuss exactly how you can get in shape in weeks.

Issues you may struggle with on your journey..

There tends to be a lot of worry about what exercises or what diet you should follow. Realize though that there isn’t any one specific way. There are many diets to lose weight, such as low carb high protein, high protein high carb low fat, among many others. Some diets even recommend no carbs at all, though this to me seems unnecessary.

Also working out is another issue that seems to become frequently overcomplicated. The problem with this is that it turns a lot of beginners away and makes them feel like giving up. Sound familiar? I want to assure you that while lots of things in life may be seemingly unnecessarily complex, the good thing about fitness is that sometimes simple works best.

What I recommend to overcome this

For diet I would honestly recommend eating plain old healthy foods, don’t eat too much, and don’t starve yourself either. It doesn’t have to be that difficult. If you want a more in depth look at what I am referring to when I say healthy foods check out my nutrition page. It will go over the main details on what makes a healthy food vs a non healthy food for getting in shape.

Get in shape in weeks with the right food choices.

It’s as simple as eating healthy foods. No extreme dieting necessary.

For the working out aspect it’s even simpler. Do exercises like squats, bench press, pull ups, and overhead press. Combine that with some cardio like jogging, sprinting, power walking, or any other activity that interests you and gets your heart pumping. It’s as simple as that. As far as the weight lifting part goes I’d recommend just starting off with weights that you could comfortably do 8 reps per exercise and repeat that 3 times each exercise.

For a more in depth look into exercise, feel free to check out my exercise page. It should give you an easy to digest, yet detailed look into putting your simple workout routine together.

A few final thoughts

As you can see, there’s nothing too complex about getting in shape. If you simply apply what you learn here and stay dedicated, then you will get in shape. Noticeable progress should be seen in as little as 2-4 weeks. This goes for how you feel, as well as what’s in the mirror. Don’t be afraid to push yourself and cross over new boundaries for your body.

You’ll feel ecstatic that YOU did it. Not some silly supplement that promises insta-results, but you. As a mental exercise, try picturing how you want your body to look at your end-point. Your goal. Picture that whenever you feel demotivated or depressed. Uncertainty in our results or end-point happens to the best of us. You, as well as anyone else who is willing to put some effort in will find success.

Thanks for reading! Please share this article and feel free to leave comments or suggestions on how I can improve this site. I hope this page has helped you today. Remember, don’t quit!

James –

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